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    Integrative data storage or enterprise data storage has been the order of the day across organizations to make interaction with data or data accessibility for its employees easier than before with the help of virtualization and cloud-based infrastructure so that the flow of work can be enhanced. DataCore is known in the industry as “The Authority on Software-defined Storage.”

    DataCore delivers powerful, flexible, and intelligent software-defined storage (SDS) solutions with a comprehensive set of data services, such as centralized management services, pooling, mirroring, replication, tiering, snapshots, and more, for block, file and object storage environments. As a pioneer in storage virtualization, and with a proven history of providing trusted business continuity solutions DataCore has worked with more than 10,000 customers worldwide, helping them modernize how they store, protect, and access their data.

    DataCore’s team leverages their deep technical expertise developed over the last two decades to help IT organizations large and small overcome the competitive and economic pressures to improve structured and unstructured data access while reducing the cost to store it. As a trusted company with proven SDS solutions, DataCore’s storage virtualization solutions provide the dexterity to pool, command, and control storage from competing manufacturers to achieve business continuity and application responsiveness at a much lower cost and with greater flexibility and agility than single-sourced hardware or cloud alternatives.

    Storage Virtualization Solutions

    DataCore’s storage virtualization solutions represent a clear departure from the once-popular, closely coupled architectures. By abstracting the data services from hardware, DataCore puts an end to vendor and architecture lock-in and gives your organization the flexibility to make better use of disparate assets already in place, easily expand your capacity or modernize your environment.

    There are a lot of products out there claiming to be software-defined storage, yet they remain tightly bound to the hardware. Unlike DataCore, these products are unable to keep up with advances in technology and eventually must be entirely replaced in a few years or less. Other solutions require an impractical and costly cloud-based or cloud-only commitment, which can be impractical or out of reach more most businesses.

    The ability to span diverse manufacturers, equipment, and access methods sets DataCore apart from these other products claiming to be SDS, which over the years come and go, and when they do, their customers are left in the lurch. On the other hand, DataCore SDS lets customers non-disruptively transition between technology waves, year after year, fully leveraging their past investments and best practices while adding the latest innovative technologies into their storage infrastructure. Their ability to ensure this level of business continuity that spans diverse equipment, manufacturers, and access methods gives customers the economic edge they need to remain agile, open, and future-ready.

    A foundation for data center modernization

    With DataCore, we’ve helped customers deploy business continuity solutions, highly available storage, and managed service options, to name a few. Our customers that are experiencing rapid growth and dealing with the challenges of the relentless onslaught of data, such as performance degradation and slowed application response times for mission-critical applications, love DataCore’s ability to eliminate storage-related I/O bottlenecks and downtime, extend the life of repurposed hardware, and realize a lower TCO. In fact, a recent study showed that over 90% of DataCore customers saw a positive ROI within 12 months of deployment.

    Our customers have praised SANsymphony, DataCore’s flagship SDS solution, for its ability to provide flexible deployment models – storage virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure, converged (SAN), hybrid-converged – and serve as the foundation for data center modernization initiatives. The solution helps organizations achieve 5 to 10 times faster storage performance, 4 times faster application response times, 2-node high availability, and a single platform to support HCI and open architectures. And there’s no need to purchase additional hardware because of its ability to extend the life of existing systems.

    DataCore’s SDS portfolio extends to distributed file and object environments as well with vFilO. DataCore vFilO software-defined storage lets you pool all your file and object data into a centrally managed global namespace from where you can gain unprecedented visibility and control across on-premises and cloud storage. By decoupling storage hardware from the software layer, vFilO gives you the ultimate flexibility to control how and where you want to store data.

    Request a tailored demo of SANsymphony, or you can test drive vFilO in your own private hands-on lab at no cost.

    vCloud & DataCore: Providing a roadmap to your software-defined future

    Together, DataCore and vCloud Tech are providing a technology roadmap to a more software-defined future for our customers. We both take a consultative approach to solving complex IT storage challenges so customers can build modern, agile, and secure storage infrastructures to make the most out of their existing investments and their data.

    The combination of vCloud’s knowledge and insight, and broad industry exposure, with DataCore’s deep technology expertise and the most mature SDS platform in the market, provides customers with proven, scalable, and flexible solutions that align IT with business outcomes.

    We’d like to give a special shoutout to Aaron Gusky – Solutions Advisor at DataCore Software for helping us with some of the key insights for the post. You can find him on LinkedIn. Also, for more information about DataCore and their entire solutions line, you can visit this website.

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