Need of Cloud Computing

Over the decade’s economies have become more digitalized and to reach great milestones inside such a digitalized world you would need the best enterprise cloud solution that can make an organization to become more agile and scalable. Enterprise cloud computing is becoming more relevant with the current global pandemic to enable remote workers across the globe. As COVID has forced more employers to move their workforce to remote working, an affordable cloud computing solution has become more essential but where and how do they start?

Most organizations were ready to face the current global pandemic and some were caught in the middle and scrambled to get the remote workforce up and running with the tools they need to service their end customers. Many organizations had to self-evaluate their cloud readiness and the need to move to the cloud securely and quickly to run their business operations.

vCloud Tech over the past year helped many organizations evaluate, budget and planned to move workloads, applications and strategized to bring cloud-ready applications such as ServiceNow to transition transform Service Management, ITSM, DevOps, Mobility and many other such transitions transformations that enabled our customers to transition to a more agile, secure, and scalable infrastructure.

Cloud technology solutions are required to be both efficient, secure, and productive. The daunting task faced by many IT teams and CIOs is how to evaluate which platform, SaaS application and tools are the right fit for their organization including the security, scalability, and the true cost for these solutions.

Significance of enterprise cloud computing during the Pandemic

COVID-19 an unforeseen event that shook the whole world to its roots. The pandemic caused the “New era” for all the industries worldwide in about 180 countries. Government and Public sector shut down due to fear of viral infection that pushed organizations to adapt to the new normal and moving employees to work remotely wherever possible. While many laid rests due to the deadly virus. Cloud managed service providers gave hope to enabled remote workers and educational institutes for distance learning to continue in the new normal with tools such as zoom for web conferencing, SaaS applications, cloud backup, VPN and SaaS-based cybersecurity solution. Work remotely, stream videos and do distance learning etc. All of this provided an alternative for the whole world now one can be safe from an infection but still do meetings and attend college all through the presence of Software as a service (SaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS).

Remote Workforce a new trend

Working from remote access might not be something new to us. As we have seen that about 43 percent of employees in the United States were working remotely even before the pandemic struck the whole world. The havoc caused by Covid-19 inside the marketplace can be well seen as 95 percent of the individuals were shifted to home-based jobs.

Following such an unprecedented situation it is predicted that about 25 to 30 percent of the US citizens would be working remotely at the end of 2021.

Covid-19 has given rise to the following business strategies:

  • Home-to-Business (H2B)
  • Home-to-Government (H2G)
  • Home-to-Consumer (H2C)

Businesses have shifted their 90 percent of their services and operations over to the clouds. Along with that 75 percent of the current population across the globe has its access to cloud computing services. Cloud managed providers offer several options to organizations to accelerate the transformation of an IT environment to cloud-based agile and scalable infrastructure. have several options for you to avail from as there are a few distinctive characteristics of these enterprise cloud services:

1. Public Cloud

A cloud in which more than one customer or firm has access to the same server without having any trouble with its legitimacy and quality of data. Multitenancy is the world more often used for cloud servers accessed by more than one firm or department. This is one of the fastest ways to move workloads to the cloud, but it requires an organization to have and IT Team with the right skill set to manage, plan, and execute migration to the cloud without any downtime or data loss. If not managed properly public cloud can be more expensive. It is important to work with a partner that understands the nuances that comes with the public cloud.

2. Private Cloud

An enterprise cloud computing solution that has limited access to a few by means of the employees of the same firm.

3. Hybrid Cloud

It is a complete newbie to the cloud computing technology. In the hybrid cloud more than one public cloud are combined to form a link up with any private cloud.

Standardize software applications and services

By having millions of services and software application been placed on the cloud there is a new way to standardize the industries. The publishers have set a policy to update software version for all its users at the same time which might seem cool too. As no one is lagging is behind the other inside the marketplace.

Enterprise cloud services

Enterprise cloud computing solutions are there to avoid any unforeseen security breach that can damage your vital data sets. Acquiring a managed services solution can help you to manage all your resource while staying ahead of your competitors inside the marketplace. Our partners provide you with several enterprise cloud computing options.

Importance of cloud computing in business organizations

Enterprise cloud computing solutions has several benefits and risks of cloud computing as you are working on data stored off-premises. While, on the other hand you are also accessing data from remote locations to process your data in a much seaming less manner. Much is there for you to grow if you are looking to acquire any one of the enterprise clouds services offered by one of our partners.

Maintenances Services by the cloud Provider

A cloud managed service provider will have its maintenance support for dealing with any of the complication inside the cloud eco-system.

Privilege Access Management (PAM)

Privilege access can be requested on demand for restricting some employees to access certain part of the cloud eco-system.

End-to-end encryption

To make sure of your data security end-to-end encryption of data is been provided to you.

More Space for storage of vital data

Procurement of several physical servers to store on-premises data would make it less efficient and a hectic job for any enterprise. Some of servers might not get on board as they are placed inside warehouse as they might be not operational for the enterprise.

So, why not acquire the best cloud eco-system offered by one of our partners. Safety and convenience come as a package for you when you think of enterprise cloud services.

Easy access inside the data cloud

  • Authorized persons can process, share, or even manipulate files inside the data clouds with much ease. However, the requested restrictions can be placed for having access to a certain portions of the enterprise cloud as it comes with cloud service management.

A cost-effective solution

  • Procurement of hardware by means of data servers comes with maintenance cost which might decrease the overall productivity for any enterprise. While, processing different files inside the data eco-system is easy as it has no need of procurement for physical data servers.

Providing a Creative and flexible workspace

Working on enterprise cloud solution gives you a creative platform to upgrade the software applications and other data cloud related services. Interacting with easy-to-use tool provided by the provider which act as an enterprise as a service.

Different enterprise cloud computing solutions?

There are several cloud computing solutions offered by our partner’s like IBM, Service Now, VMware etc. Starting from having access to some parts of the data eco-system to working on the different applications layers.

1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud technology solutions provides us with the capabilities to access any of the enterprise data storage, networking, and data centers.

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Managed services solutions enable enterprises to work on the different layers of the software and to have the best suited cloud infrastructure.

Enterprise cloud services provides you the capabilities to work on different programming languages. As it has an abundance of resources such as web servers, database management systems, and software development kits (SDKs).

3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Enterprise as a service means you have all the access to crucial software applications through the virtual servers. Many of the software and other platforms such as

Business analytics, customer relation management (CRM) or even market automation all are present on these data eco-systems.

How cloud computing affects enterprise?

For having a productive growth for any enterprise, you need to have a cost effective and multidisciplinary solution. Enterprise cloud computing has become the new trend which is both lean and too secure for having all your development and operations inside the best of data clouds.

Drawbacks of having the enterprise cloud computing

Going for the enterprise cloud computing solutions would never guarantee you with a total data security. As each of the cloud technology solutions might face few to several cloud computing complications to deal with sometime during its operations. Some of these enterprise cloud services complications are as follows:

Vulnerable to cyber-attacks

  • Much is at stack for any enterprise while having all its data been processed on any of the external data server. As components of cloud computing may encounter Denial of Service (DoS) which might cause hectic issues for you longing from short to long terms.
  • End-to-end encryption of data might save you from loss of data packets or even delays in different operations inside the data cloud. Loss of the encryption key can cause data loss or damage to normal operations of the cloud technology solutions.

Cloud managed service providers dealing with complications

  • The cloud managed service providers have the best of facilities to deal with power outrages or even internal bugs. But all is not well for too long as a cloud managed service provider located on the east coast who is suffering from natural catastrophes or power outrages might affect a client on the west coast.

Loss of data from the cloud

  • If you have more than one person accessing the data through a single node once might unintendedly share some of the vital bits.

Why vCloud Tech?

Our cloud-first approach has given us a great opportunity to work with many organizations where we bring in our years of industry experience and technology partnerships. During COVID, our solutions team has been at the forefront supporting many organizations nationwide with speed and agility to enable their remote workforce, with over 300 technology partnerships that include Cloud providers, Enterprise SaaS applications, ITSM, Cybersecurity, DevOps, DevSecOps, Virtualization and Mobility allowed us to serve our customers enable their critical workforce to operate remotely.

Reach out to us and book a free consultation with vCloud Tech or chat with one of our representatives. For more information connect with us on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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