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Organizations are focused on upgrading their data centers to hyperconverged infrastructures. With growing data, enterprises require to purchase more equipment’s, orchestrate sophisticated networks, and deal with more traffic. The recent pandemic has forced enterprises to look for cost efficient, extra protected, and blazingly fast storage virtualization solutions. Enterprises are now gearing up to migrate their data to hybrid cloud models.

Storage virtualization solutions fulfill most business objectives related to data responsiveness, availability, compliance, and cost. Traditional storage arrays are recorded to have storage efficiency of about 30 to 40 percent. While the storage virtualization solutions increase the enterprise storage efficiency to about 70 percent. Higher storage efficiency means a reduction in the total storage requirements and an increased level of energy savings.Storage Area Network (SAN) which is a Network-based storage virtualization technology enables organizations to cut their capital cost and improve robustness of their network data centers.

Virtualization of the data centers enables enterprises to create several disk pools and virtualized volumes for storage of large volume of data. These virtualized data volumes act more like a centralized storage resource for the heterogenous clients. Moreover, the virtualized storage capacities can be increased upon the demand of the client or any enterprise. Storage virtualization solutions ensure to be both operationally efficient and beneficial for the growth of businesses. We have listed some of the top storage virtualization solutions offered by our partners:

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VMware vSAN

vSAN increases the robustness of any enterprise data network. With high performance and low latency vSAN adds value to an organization’s network infrastructure and gives it an edge in provision of the top storage virtualization solution.


  1. vSAN enables enterprises to have hardware- agnostic and truly software defined infrastructure.
  2. Having a partnership with major public cloud providers vSAN offers more flexible deployment options.
  3. With the consistency in virtual machines (VMs) performance and a higher number of VMs per host.
  4. Being a native to vSphere the vSAN enables enterprises to have minimal overhead resources and helps in services to be efficiently scheduled.
  5. vSAN enables enterprises to have a fast to hybrid and multi-clouds while maintaining the consistency of its operational and management tools across all the virtual machines (VMs) for traditional and cloud-native applications.

FAQ’s about vSAN

For vSAN ReadyNodes perpetual licensing model is been offered by VMware, which is unlike any term-based license model.

Data Core vFilO

A storage virtualization solution that decouples any enterprise storage hardware from its software layer. vFilO enables organizations to gain more visibility and control over the storage platforms on premises and on the cloud. A software defined storage virtualization solution which offers businesses with the options to store all its data inside a centrally managed virtual storage platform.


  1. With vFilO enterprises are enabled to automate data migration and manipulation across the premium network attached servers (NAS).
  2. Data core’s vFilO offers enterprises with a detailed granular document management solution. Having the flexibility in capturing screenshots, clones, and replication along with the option of file recovery.
  3. vFilO offers heterogenous clients with sharing and safeguarding of cloud resources globally, as it executes efficient load balancing inside the cloud.
  4. The storage cost is lowered by migrating data to the cloud and resisting the deduplication of inactive data.
  5. Data Cores has enabled vFilO to optimization cost, performance, capacity, availability, compliance inside the cloud by using the machine learning.
  6. vFilO offers a simplified form of file search operation across the cloud storage platform.

FAQs about vFilO

Licensing packages covers 24/7 support with all the free updates.

vCloud Tech enable organizations with assessment on current storage requirements and how to virtualize storage reducing overall cost of storage while increasing performance. As enterprises are pushing towards the virtualized data centers which are both globally accessible and secure in nature. Our partners offer the storage virtualization solutions with high agility and reliable services to ensure a productive growth and compliance with enterprise objectives.

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