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    Professional Development Tracking Software

    In: DevOps

    In the corporate sector the increasing work flow and workloads have been difficult to manage impeccably and swiftly that is why the utility and signifivcance of project management is increasing and many organizations nad enterprises of various size are disposed to use project tracking and management tools. Axosoft is agile project management software tools company offering industry-leading software bug tracking tool and help desk email tracking tool that supports their customers in internal and external development processes.

    Offering industry-leading software bug tracking tool and help desk email tracking tool that supports their customers in internal and external development processes.

    Axosoft believes in providing agile project tracking software and tools that make a real and positive difference in the world joining the effort to make the world a better place through better software systems. Axosoft’s mission is to help software developers and IT teams be more productive and agile. They have been working with partners all over the globe since day one. Ever since the release of their Axosoft V1.0 in 2002, the goal has been to help software development partners to deploy software on time and budget.

    Axosoft is a customer-centric company working with many partners on custom enterprise software development tools. vCloud Tech has found them to be very people-centric in all our interactionism with them and have found them to always our and their customers first.

    One of Axosoft’s industry-leading tools that our customers have found to significantly increase their IT agility is their Scrum and Bug Tracking Software. This is a software development tracking tool that allows their customers to see the capacity of their sprint, team, and team members at a glance.

    Axosoft’s scrum project management tools help our customers to implement a rank mode that helps stack rank their items from lowest to the highest priority in their backlog. Their tool also functions as an ontime project management software as it can estimate the accuracy of your project in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even story points. Their software utilized a fully interactive kanban board that helps developers visualize item statuses and progress.

    The other major software that Axosoft offers is their help desk & email ticketing tool. This software empowers our client’s support teams to never lose sight of their customer’s conversations or the status of an issue. This software helps users monitor progress and built-in or custom workflows to enforce a variety of processes for your projects.

    Axosoft vision is not only to provide a defect management system and customer support solutions for their customers but have been working for years to improve the tech industry as a whole. They have been working to ignite the conversation about the lack of women in the IT industry and have initiated a campaign called #ItWasNeverADress to address it. The merchandise on the linked campaign helps in the funding of scholarships for need-based students entering STEAM fields.

    We would like to give a special shoutout to Laura Hinsley – Senior Manager Sales at Axosoft for helping us with some of the key insights for the post. You can find her on LinkedIn. Also, for more information about Axosoft and their entire product line you can visit this website.

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