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    New HPE GreenLake Cloud Services for Data Protection Tackle Cyber Threats & Ransomware

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    End-to-end data protection is provided by HPE GreenLake for data protection to preserve your data and boost business resilience. With HPE Backup and Recovery Service and HPE disaster recovery service, you can update data protection from rapid recovery to ransomware protection to long-term data retention on-premises or in the cloud with operational simplicity, meeting every SLA at the correct time.

    Backup and recovery services are business-critical solutions that you’ll require as your IT modernization project progresses. In today’s security world, one-size-fits-all tactics will not safeguard your data. You require a backup strategy that is in line with your business goals, as well as a data protection policy that is simple, efficient, and safe.

    PE GreenLake for data protection

    With HPE GreenLake for data protection, we are entering the fast-increasing Data Protection-as-a-Service market as part of HPE Storage’s evolution into a cloud-native data services business. These new services enable clients to update data security – from rapid recovery to ransomware protection to long-term data preservation – on-premises or in the public cloud, with operational simplicity and at the correct cost. Today’s announcement is part of a larger set of new cloud services for HPE GreenLake, the company’s edge-to-cloud platform, which was unveiled today in a virtual launch event.

    With the addition of Zerto to HPE’s cloud services offering, we now have market-leading data protection. Moreover, we are assisting businesses to combat cyber threats and ransomware attacks. Customers can recover in minutes and to a state seconds before an attack with Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology with journal-based recovery. Customers like Tenace, a large, international textiles company, were able to recover from a crypto locker attack in less than 10 minutes and to a condition that was 10 seconds before the attack. Smart Bank’s CIO told us that they were able to quickly restore their systems to a state before the ransomware attack. In addition, a huge insurance business was able to thwart an attack in just 15 minutes, saving them from having to pay a ransom.

    HPE Backup and Recovery Service for VMware:

    HPE backup and Recovery Service for VMware is now included in HPE GreenLake for data protection. It’s backup as a service for hybrid cloud environments. Customers can safeguard their Virtual Machines with three simple steps in less than 5 minutes and manage their backups simply across the on-prem and hybrid cloud, thanks to a SaaS portal and policy-based orchestration and automation. There aren’t any media servers, equipment, or targets to keep track of. Customers can recover data on-premises immediately, have cost-effective long-term backups in the public cloud, and have backups to protect against ransomware assaults.

    With consumption-based pricing and ultra-efficient data reduction technologies, organizations may reduce the cost of data protection. Customers can now safeguard their data against ransomware, recover from any disruption, and protect their VM workloads across on-prem and hybrid cloud environments with HPE GreenLake for data protection. While these are game-changing results for customers, I’m equally thrilled about the future of data protection is as simple as defining Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). At the same time, the correct mix of disaster recovery, backups, and archives auto-configured and managed across the on-prem, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments to secure data and applications.

    Using data-driven insight to deliver the cloud operating experience

    Customers will be able to maintain application workloads optimized, run without interruption. Hence they continue to enjoy a changing operational and support experience as a result of this. HPE cloud Physics, a SaaS service for more intelligent IT decisions from edge to cloud. It brings data-driven insights to IT procurement. It provides a proven solution to assist businesses to simulate a cloud migration, optimize workload placement, and right-size infrastructure with 200 trillion data samples across 3 million virtual machines and more than 4,500 assessments. HPE Partners gain visibility into their customers’ environments, allowing them to provide customized solutions and serve as strategic partners. Customers and partners obtain a data-driven approach to onboarding onto HPE GreenLake with HPE Cloud Physics.

    This comprehensive collection of HPE GreenLake cloud services will help businesses upgrade their data protection. Hence act on insights from the edge to the cloud. As a result, this eventually saving money, reducing downtime, and moving faster. We are eager to help our clients with their digital transformations and looking forward to expanding the HPE GreenLake cloud new services. Hence, we are offering with tried-and-true solutions that make a difference.

    HPE GreenLake for Virtual Desktop

    By combining the advantages of on-premises VDI solutions with the cloud, the HPE GreenLake platform can provide security, performance, and compliance. HPE includes the platform’s maintenance, operation, and management. Hence the mission-critical desktop and application environments can manage with maximum efficiency and uptime. A typical personal computer (PC), a thin client device, or a mobile phone are all examples of possible endpoint devices. HPE GreenLake for VDI provides a generic desktop experience tailored to the requirements of most VDI customers. Any combination of user types and users, along with the flexibility to adapt and grow that combination to meet changing business demands, is at your disposal.

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