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Internet has revolutionized the world of technology but it also comes with some ominous aspects, the most worrisome of which is hacking. It has made cyber security the most critical domain since the emergence of the expansion of the world of information and technology. The more worrisome this is getting, more and more awareness needs to be dessimated regarding it as with each and every passing day shrewd hackers and cyber perpetrators are coming with newer, more penetrative and manipulative phishing attempts and tactics.

Be4 is known for providing the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform.

KnowBe4’s security awareness training offerings have been used by over 34,000 organizations around the planet and are widely acknowledged in providing the best cybersecurity training online.

KnowBe4 was founded by IT and data security specialist Stu Sjouwerman in 2010 with the philosophy to help businesses address and guide the impact of the human element of cybersecurity. It was also started to help raise awareness about ransomware and other cybersecurity threats, including CEO fraud and other social engineering tactics utilized to hack IT infrastructures through a modern approach to awareness training on cybersecurity.

Kevin Mitnick, who is known internationally as one of the world’s leading cybersecurity specialists, joined KnowBe4 as their Chief Hacking Officer and helped design KnowBe4’s cybersecurity awareness program and other training based on his well-documented social engineering tactics. With experience with working with ten of thousands of organizations around the globe, KnowBe4 helps to organize their end-users as the last line of cyber defense.

KnowBe4’s mission is to enable customers’ employees to make smarter security decisions every day by constantly hearing feedback from them about their security and training concerns. The leadership of organizations that KnowBe4 has worked with say their employees now come to them before clicking on links in emails and also mention how much their overall security culture has improved within their organizations.

KnowBe4 conducts an annual Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report to gauge the Phish-ProneTM percentage (or the likelihood of someone clicking on a phishing link) of an organization. The results indicated a high level of risk, with an average initial baseline Phish-Prone percentage of 37.9%. With 90-day phishing awareness training and simulated phishing testing, KnowBe4 has found that the average of Phish-prone percentage was cut in half, as it went down from 37.9% to 14.1%. And after one year of phishing test for employees and simulated phishing, it has known to drop down to just 4.7%. Across all industries, KnowBe4 has observed a 87% improvement rate from baseline testing to 12 months of training and testing.

KnowBe4 for the past 10 years has been providing IT security awareness training for employees for some of the world’s leading businesses in the private and public sectors. vCloud Tech and KnowBe4 have been working together to help our customers with their security needs. Not only has KnowBe4 been efficient in guiding our customers, but they have also brought to the attention ways we may be able to make the acquisition process easier. We appreciate their partnership and look forward to increased success in the future.

We would like to give a special shoutout to Katrina Rodzik, Channel Account Manager at KnowBe4, for helping us with some of the key insights for the post. You can find her on LinkedIn Also, for more information about KnowBe4 and their entire security awareness training offerings line, you can visit their website.

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