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    The ever-dominant realm of information technology is accredited to the growing nuances and progress in the field of software and application development without which the colors of the digital world could only have been conceived in idea, not in action and manifestation. With every passing day new software, applications and programs are crafted to save time and energy.

    Redgate for over 20 years has been providing compliant database DevOps solutions and tools for Performance Monitor SQL Server, Oracle, NET, and is an industry-leading provider of software for professionals working on Microsoft’s data platform.

    Redgate has been guiding and consulting over 800,000 people in every type of organization, from small and medium-sized businesses to 91% of Fortune 100 companies all around the globe.

    Redgate just recently celebrated its 20th year of creating advanced database development solutions. They have dedicated to removing the database as a bottleneck in software delivery and driving business growth at scale, all while protecting business-critical data and remaining compliant with regulations.

    vCloud Tech customers have been very pleased with the entire Redgate product line. SQL Toolbelt by Redgate is one of their products that helps our customers implement DevOps best practices for their databases and lets you monitor SQL server performance. The toolbelt allows them to easily monitor database performance and improve team productivity. SQL Toolbelt offers industry-standard DevOps tools for database encryption SQL server deployment and development. The SQL Server Source Control Toolbelt is designed to double organizational productivity and protect data with backups and monitoring tools.

    The other product of their that vCloud’s customers are looking for is Redgate’s .NET Developer Bundle. Redgate offers .NET development tools in this bundle designed to optimize performance and debugging. The bundle helps software developers with faster deployment and significantly improves the quality of their product. The .NET Developer Bundle offers industry-leading tools including ANTS Performance Profiler Pro, ANTS Memory Profiler, and .NET Reflector VSPro.

    The other vital solution Redgate offers is Deployment Suite For Oracle which offers DevOps tools for Oracle database version control and is built to speed up and automate deployments and development process. The Deployment Suite for Oracle makes it effortless to compare and synch the data and schema, deploy from any organization’s repository, record database changes in version control, and generate manual update scripts. The Deployment Suite lets organizations automate their software deployment processes and releases. The solution also includes the Oracle databases in your DevOps procedures like version control, continuous delivery, and continuous integration.

    Redgate recently partnered with a Department of Defense client after they sought our help with failures they were encountering when committing their code to the database. Redgate’s engineering team worked with the client to commit changes to the database more effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, securely. Together, they were able to increase deployment frequency from once every six months to once every two weeks. Through these database migrations, they were able to take old applications and databases from legacy systems and bring them from the 1980s to the 2020s.

    vCloud Tech has always found Redgate to be a great partner. A prime example is recently Redgate was working with the USDA when their primary point of contact retired, and they were then unable to locate the contact who was responsible for USDA’s software renewal. Redgate did not want the USDA to lose out on their investment by missing a renewal, so we partnered with vCloud and we were able to identify the appropriate point of contact within a day. Together, we were able to prevent the USDA from spending additional money on software they had already purchased. vCloud Tech has found Redgate a superb partner to work with and their partnership that adds value to our work.

    We would like to give a special shoutout to Hank Prokop – Federal Program Director at Redgate Software for helping us with some of the key insights for the post. You can find him on LinkedIn For more information about Redgate and their entire DevOps Solutions line, you can visit this website Red gate Also, to learn more about our government customers with Redgate, check out their Compliant Database DevOps for U.S. Federal Government page.

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