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    airSlate | Business Process Automation Solutions

    airSlate | Business Process Automation Solutions
    In: Digital Enterprise

             With the unceasing expansion of commodification and increasing consumerism, service providers and enterprises in the corporate sector have been exponentially rising to cater to the multitude of work and services at clients’ and customers’ windows. With so much work in the pipeline to be accomplished, it often gets disordered, incoherent, haphazard and very hard to manage for the workers, servicemen and incumbents of business enterprises that essentializes the deployment of workflow and business process automation solutions and services. vCloud Tech has recently partnered with airSlate for redistributing, vending and deploying its business process automation solutions to streamline the workflows within enterprises and organizations.

                airSlate is devoted to transform the work experience of organizational employees and entrepreneurs by streamlining the workflows through business process automation software and tools that help employees and workers in creating a coherent, tracked and well-managed workspace where workflow and assignments are easily and congruently distributed to give a maximum outcome amply securing the interests of the employers by timely securing the targets and interests of the employers. airSlate’s featured business process automation software are airSlate, signNow, and pdfFiller.

                airSlate comes with top-notch business process automation services entailing automated document generation, contract negotiation, and automated collection of e-signatures without integrating multiple vendors discursively in a unified, easy to handle and centralized console that doesn’t need any code. airSlate has been transforming the work experience of organizational employees and servicemen by expediting and streamlining the flow of work and assignments within the hierarchical structure of the organization in compliance with all the rules and regulations.

                With signNow business process automation software, collaboration is effortless enabling organizations to create, send, track, complete, and securely store legally binding electronic signatures on any device. With signNow enterprises can increase productivity with automated document workflows, and can delight customers with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It also saves organizations a lot of finances and resources that are usually allocated to the manual handling of these matters. Additionally, it increases the prospects for ROIs and also makes sure that all the regulatory compliances and international standards are met accordingly.

                pdf Filler helps organizational employees edit pdf documents from anywhere on any device without the restraints of time and space. In the present era due to the ongoing pandemic, so many people working from home today. air Slate’s business process automation solutions allow teams to stay connected and maximize their time by automating manual and routine paper-based tasks and document processes. Benefits of automation in the workplace that airSlate brings with its products and solutions are as follow.

    • Transforming work experience.
    • Expediting the work flow.
    • Saving time and money by going paperless.
    • Eliminating the cost of printing
    • Speeding up documents’ turnaround time.
    • Compliance with the international standards.

    airSlate has been providing its business process automation solutions across all industries and verticals, so from small businesses to banks to universities and government agencies to large incorporations – all around the world. One of its customers is the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD). When SNHD was facing the challenge of having to collect signatures from those diagnosed with COVID-19 and state-mandated to quarantine, it turned to signNow’s e-signature solution. Empowered with the ability to send and receive e-signed digital declarations, SNHD was able to collect signed documents in a safe and efficient manner at scale. airSlate’s signNow has been widely appreciated because of having an easy-to-use user interface. SNHD gathered that signNow took less than 20 minutes for them to set up the system (including the form). They appreciated having the real-time status tracking and secure cloud storage. They were also able to keep all their records HIPPA compliant and secure.

                Any department or business that has paper-based processes will benefit from implementing signNow to digitize and automate document workflows.  Businesses challenged with slow contract turnaround times, lack of visibility on signing status, and contract errors can benefit from signNow.

                vCloud Tech is looking forward to strengthen its partnership with airSlate by promisingly vending, redistributing and deploying its business process automation solutions and services to facilitate enterprises and organizations in transforming, streamlining and prudently managing workflows to enhance the productivity of their employees and keep the flow of work in constant flux without red-tapism and inconveniences.

                Scott Owen, who is the VP of Business Development and Channels at airSlate can be reached out on LinkedIn at Scott Owen. The company’s LinkedIn profile can be visited at airSlate Partner Community. On twitter its profile can be visited at  airSlate Partner Community. On Facebook it can be visited at airSlate Partner Community. Its personal blog can be visited at airSlate Partner Community.

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