Threat Intelligence and Investigation Platform

With the unceasing and relentless development in the world of internet and the overarching realm of information and technology, the space for unlawful and implicit cyber activities is equally on the rise with every day unfolding. These inflating security threats needs to be preemptively mitigated by instant and agile AI-led Threat Intelligence and Investigation lest the vast alleys of the world of internet would be perilous to traverse.

DomainTools is a leading Cyber Threat Intelligence and Investigation Platform Solutions provider that vCloud Tech has recently partnered with.

DomainTools is known for helping turn DNS data into valuable insights. DomainTools believes in empowering security pracitioners to get meaningful context by looking at a small number of DNS-based indicators of compromise and connecting them with virtually every active domain on the Internet.

DomainTools’ goal is to give our customers the tools to stop cybersecurity threats before they happen by utilizing DNS-based predictive risk scoring and monitoring of trends on the Internet. DomainTools provides tools that collect Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) data from various online sources along with historical records in a centralized user-friendly database. DomainTools indexes and analyzes all the data based on several connection algorithms to deliver actionable intelligence including forensic mapping and domain scoring.

DomainTools has been providing the most popular Whois research service on the internet for nearly two decades and is known as an industry leader having the most comprehensive coverage of generic and country-code Top-Level Domains. They have also collected and stored Whois and additional internet-related hosting/DNS data to provide our customers with the most comprehensive historical records in the industry. More recently, they have partnered with Farsight Security and other providers of Passive DNS data to map IP addresses an adversary is using in their attacks.

DomainTools has collected over 10 billion related DNS data points to build a map of ‘who’s doing what’ over the Internet. DomainTools cyber security threat intelligence platform is currently used by Fortune 1000 companies, global government agencies, and leading security solution providers as a critical ingredient of their cyber threat investigation and other mitigation work.

The DomainTools team worldwide is passionate about making the internet a safer place by providing state of the art tools and products that thrill our customers. Their overarching goal is to democratize cyber threat intelligence and give every cybersecurity analyst investigative superpowers.

vCloud Tech is a DomainTools Preferred Reseller Partner, recognized as a true champion working in their field of government and commercial clients around cybersecurity projects. vCloud Tech and DomainTools sales teams are working hand-in-hand on opportunities while helping us to expand our solutions into their customers. vCloud Tech is working with DomainTools to deliver solutions that provide security intelligence to protect your network and has become their instrumental partner.

We would like to give a special shoutout to Richard Ludwig who works at DomainTools as their Lead Channel Partner Programs and Operations for helping us with some of the key insights for the post. For nearly three decades, Richard has been working in several different roles with partners of various types. He has spent the first 12 years of his career in the IT channel in Germany and came to the United States in 2004 where he has expanded his reach to partners around the planet, and shifted his focus to partner success with programs, enablement, and operations. You can find him on LinkedIn Also, for more information about DomainTools and their entire product line you can visit this website for further information.

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