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    Trend Micro Licensing Program is referred to as the TMLP and emphasizes ease of use and value. This Licensing is a transactional Trend Micro pricing program which means that customers are not required to submit usage reports/forecasts or sign long term, highly involved agreements. And with increasing discounts as more software is purchased and some competitive trade-in options with Trend Micro pricing. Trend Micro’s licensing program offers real cost benefits. As with most volume license programs, institutional customers in the categories shown below enjoy a larger purchasing discount.


    Trend Micro Pricing Licensing Program Customer Types

    • Standard: Any standard buying entity including commercial accounts
    • Academic/Non-Profit: Accredited Schools, accredited hospitals and formal non- profit organization
    • State and Local Government: Chartered state and local government agencies
    • Federal Government: Federal government agencies or other entities authorized by the Federal Government to make purchases using Federal contracts or pricing.

    Trend Micro Licensing Program Product Categories

    Enterprise Software Products

    Most Trend Micro Solutions fit in this category are given below and pricing is determined on a per user basis.

    • Client/Server Suite
    • Office Scan
    • ScanMail
    • NeatSuite
    • ServerProtect

    SMB Products

    Most Trend Micro Solutions fit in this category are given below and pricing is determined on a per computer basis.

    • InterScan VirusWall for SMB
    • Client/Server for SMB
    • Client/Server/Messaging for SMB

    Trend Micro Licensing Program Tiers

    Trend Micro pricing is done on a user basis (per computer for SMB solutions) and exact price is determined by number of users.

    • Tier 1: 5-25 Users
    • Tier 2: 26-50 Users
    • Tier 3: 51-100 Users
    • Tier 4: 101-250 Users
    • Program Tier: Continues to 50,000+ Users

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