Why Office 365 Disaster Recovery and Backup is Necessary for Remote Employees?

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With the surge of the global pandemic around the world, businesses and services in the corporate sector have been transformed with new trends and norms to streamline with the changing modes of lifestyle in order to prevent the risks. Remote work is the most floating new normal that has been prevailing in the aftermath of COVID-19 revolutionizing the state of affairs of the works and services in the corporate sector even at the lowest entrepreneurial level. Office 365 is one of the most widely used tool for email communication and office management indispensable and essential to seamless management and data handling to swiftly run services and businesses in offices.

As far as these office management tools are used on-premises, organizations tend to somewhat ensure backup and disaster recovery by devising their strategies to deal with the unanticipated critical situations of data loss and data deletion as a result of disasters, indeliberate operational mistakes, and internal breaches or external cyber perpetrations. The situation gets a little more vulnerable in case of remote work or off-premises operations as there are no data backup and disaster recovery strategies and apparatus in place to ameliorate such unforeseen situations. These dire circumstances essentialize the significance and utility of Office 365 Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for organizations to prevent the loss of business-critical data.

vCloud Tech in partnership with its IT industry-leading partners, provides next-generation Office 365 disaster recovery tools that not only keep data backed up on the cloud but also protect it from malware, ransomware, and hackers. With online backup to the cloud, organizations can have a safe and secure backup to all emails and swift recovery in case of any unforeseen situation.


Almost all businesses and services in the corporate and public sector rely on the office management tools that Microsoft 365 offers but it is to be taken into consideration that these tools do not come with inbuilt backup and disaster recovery services which make these tools vulnerable to accidental data loses and deliberate data deletion. That is why the Microsoft 365 backup and recovery services are absolutely essential to be procured and deployed to prevent data losses at the hands of the following potential threats.


No matter how much the employees and servicemen of an organization are trained and acknowledged with the changing nature of cyber threats and perpetrations, the shrewd hackers are always steadfast in their phishing attempts, and by an odd chance, they can get successful and can pave their way to the internal systems and eventually delete, acquire or corrupt all remote office 365 data. With Office 365 disaster recovery and backup, an enterprise can prevent such instances and can save organizational data as it will provide a safe cloud backup for its data to be recovered and retained.


There is always considerable room and space for errors and indeliberate operational mistakes as the remote office 365 data at use can be accessed by anyone from the organization. Unintentional mistakes and human errors can let data deleted from the organizational hardware which can result in financial losses as a result of the impacts that it can impart on any organization. Microsoft 365 Backup and Disaster Recovery can enable organizational data to be retrieved and reverted back to the prior state.


Malicious and maleficent intents of one of the employees can make an organization take a financial and compliance hit as with the ominous intent a disgruntled employee can tweak, deform or delete business-critical office 365 remote data. Office 365 disaster recovery and backup can give extended cloud protection to data and ensure the organization’s compliance with all regulatory requirements such as PCI or HIPPA.


In transitional phases when an organization has to move from one database to another, its prior data has to be migrated. This transition and data migration can expose data to deletion, interception, or corruption at the hands of external actors. Office 365 disaster recovery and backup services can protect data in such circumstances as the data is secured in a safe and secure cloud environment having no dependence on the hardware. An organization can easily retain its data and advance on the same operations after software or hardware transformation or data migration.


A huge chunk of data also comprises the regulatory compliance content and history of the license renewals, the loss of which can impart huge financial impacts on an organization as it can cease the flow of work and increase the downtime because it has to be renewed lest the organization can lose its repute. Office 365 disaster recovery and backup can prevent it from such dire and helpless circumstances as it secures all data in a secure virtual environment and can be accessed from anywhere on the premise and off the premise.


Other benefits of Office 365 Backup for remote work are as follow:

  • Cutting the IT expenditure and saving the costs.
  • Ease and convenience in data accessibility.
  • Satisfaction at the client’s end.
  • A highly optimized virtual environment for data storage.
  • Expediting the remote work.
  • Extended protection, storage, and recovery of data.
  • Ensuring compliance with PCI, HIPPA and other regulations.

vCloud Tech comes with cutting-edge Office 365 backup and disaster recovery solutions from its industry-leading partners that not just keep your information protected on the cloud yet additionally shield it from malware, ransomware, and cyber perpetrators. With online backup to the cloud, you will have a free from any and harm backup for all your business-critical documentation and credentials.

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