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    BIO-key: Biometric Fingerprint Scanner and IAM (Identity and Access Management)

    In: Cybersecurity

    A leading provider of Identity & Access Management and Biometric Authentication Solutions

    vCloud Tech has partnered with BIO-key to address the ever-growing security concerns every organization faces when it comes to identity and access management (IAM). A seemingly simple task, that if done wrong, can have catastrophic outcomes.

    BIO-key is recognized for its flexible IAM solutions, which include the security and convenience of biometric authentication.

    The COVID-19 epidemic has become a technology gamechanger and for many organizations its caused them to expediate their data migration to the cloud. In the future it seems that we might be headed to a “cloud only” approach. This is another reason we selected to partner with BIO-key as they recently announced the launch of their IDaaS cloud solution. When we reviewed BIO-key’s IDaaS solution we could see that it was easy to manage and more affordable than competitive options.

    To address our customers, concern of identifying remote workers we see BIO-key’s compact and affordable USB fingerprint scanners as an ideal security solution. Yet unlike most security measures BIO-key’s scanners create a friction free authentication experience for the end user. By using these scanners, you create a controlled and secure remote workspace.

    Beyond biometrics, BIO-key supports 15 different authentication methods, including passwords, PINs, Cards, Questions, Keys, and OTP. “It’s the rare blend of flexible IAM which is accompanied by the biometric option that makes BIO-key standout.” Adam Parsons, vCloud Tech.

    Ultimately BIO-key’s products provide Single Sign-on (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Role & Risk Based Authentication, a Self-Service Password Reset option and smart data migration to the cloud.
    BIO-key customers reduce risk of fraud, breaches, phishing attacks, and rogue employees. BIO-key’s biometric technology is trusted by the federal, state, and local government. The company focuses on supporting customers in financial services, higher education, healthcare, manufacturing, and the enterprise.

    You can learn more about the performance and capabilities of BIO-key by visiting the company’s website. ( One example of BIO-key’s work with local government is noted below. The City of Sacramento project. The City of Sacramento is the capitol city of California.

    The Access Management solution installed and implemented inside the City of Sacramento’s administrative office:

    • Single Sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication helps to avoid any leak of credential inside the system.
    • Self-Service Password App, and smart migration to the Cloud empower customers to improve password management.
    • Reduce risk and enhance security, all captured within an affordable and easy to manage platform.

    Benefits of the IAM (identity and access management) installed and implemented:

    • BIO-key was able to raise the bars for access management as number of help desk calls went from ten to zero in no time.
    • Passwords were made safer as no loop wholes were left out by installation of the PortalGuard security system inside the department.
    • Introducing the single Sign-On solution that was easy to configure and manage all the vital details of the system.
    • The authorized users were provided by the options to reset and update all the passwords without having any encounter with the technical complications.

    We would like to give a special shoutout to Scott Mahnken – a seasoned marketing executive championed with the task of building BIO-key’s Channel Alliance Partner (CAP) program. You can find him on LinkedIn.

    Also, for more information about BIO-key you can reach out to its FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter. BIO-key blog can be visited on its Official Website.

    vCloud Tech is looking forward to having an enduring partnership with BIO-key by initiating marketing campaigns to raise the awareness of their flexible IAM and biometric authentication solutions. We welcome the opportunity to schedule calls and demos with our partners and customers. Send us an email and we’ll get in touch.

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