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    Best Tools for Mobile App Development, XML, and Data Integration in 2020

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    Mobile applications are turning into the domineering medium of digital migling and interaction. The clients in this age are progressing and they’re utilizing versatile applications for various purposes. Regardless of whether they utilize cell phones, tablets or other portable gadgets do have all the information to interact with just one tap.

    Altoya is a software company specialized in tools to assist the development of desktop software, data management, data integration, mobile application development.

    Altova offers an impressive line of XML, SQL, Best tools for Mobile App Development, and Data Integration plus provides workflow automation products for your servers. The company also offers a cross-platform mobile development framework.

    Altova has been working closely with vCloud Tech for many years and is a key player in the software tools industry and the leader in XML and JSON solution development tools.

    They have over 5.3 million users around the globe, including 91% of Fortune 500 organizations, and are proud to serve clients ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to the world’s largest organizations.

    Altova products are used by customers across all verticals to conquer challenges around XML and JSON development, data integration and ETL, and mobile app development. For instance, healthcare companies use the HL7 data mapping capabilities in MapForce to transform data between electronic health records and back end databases – or even to integrate data in clinical apps.

    Firms in the transportation industry can use MobileTogether to build native cross-platform apps with rich functionality for geo-tracking and connectivity to back end systems.

    These are just two examples of the many applications for Altova products.

    Developers in virtually all industries working with XML, JSON, and web services have turned to Altova’s best selling XMLSpy for years for its powerful development and debugging tools.

    vCloud Tech has generated an impressive amount of sales from Altova’s award-winning JSON and XML editor XMLSpy. XMLSpy JSON and XML Editor is an XML Tool that lets developers utilize tools that are required to build the most advanced applications with its graphical schema designer, file converters, debuggers, schema mapping tool, code generation, and profilers for working with SOAP, XQuery, XSLT, XSD, XBRL, and more.

    Altova also offers other top-selling XML tools for rendering, mapping, and editing XML. They offer an award-winning suite called MissionKit which combines seven different XML, JSON, SQL, and UML tools.

    This suite consists of XMLSpy for JSON and XML editing; MapForce for data mapping; StyleVision for designing compelling reports and forms based on XML, SQL database, and XBRL inputs; DatabaseSpy which is a unique multi-database query, design, and database comparison tool; DiffDog for unique diff/merge utility for files, directories, and database schemas and tables; and SchemaAgent to analyze and manage relationships among XML-based files.

    Altova’s mission is to deliver standards-based, platform-independent software development tools that empower their customers to create, access, edit, and transform information resources.

    They make sure that all the products they offer are efficient, reasonably priced, and easy-to-use by their customers all over the globe.

    We would like to give a special shoutout to Tina Eisinger who works at Altova as their Partner Manager for helping us with some of the key insights for the post.

    You can find her on LinkedIn. Also, for more information about Altova and their entire product line you can visit their website.

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